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Anonymous Release’  Detroit Indie Techno just keeps getting better.


DETROIT (January 3, 2005)— Anonymous Recordings and Release Records combined together to form Anonymous Release, a new addition to Detroit Techno culture. Abandoned factories such as the Packard Plant and warehouse districts like Hastings were once homes to some of the greatest events in Detroit Techno history and known the world over celebrating the collective vibe of thousands of people. Anonymous Release aspires to take techno music to new realms while at the same time reviving Detroit’s electronic culture.


Anonymous RecordingsAnonym; The one who is anonymous. As his third official release with Anonymous Release Records, Anonym has been busy working for the past 10 months on the sound for the new 12” release. He has also contributed the scoring soundtrack to works on display at the Museum of Moving Images in NYC. And has also been busy working on his first net-release with the underground Canadian Electronic Collective "Archipel".


Release Records—Roman Debnar has perfected the quirky sound that outlines and defines both tracks that makeup the “Release” side of this new collaboration. Track one is deep and resonate while the second is much more energetic and outgoing. Roman has spent much of his time playing shows and working with other artists producing  remixes for other Detroit Techno artists.


AR003— Is the 3rd official release for this Metro-Detroit Label. Anonymous Release has been carried by Watts since the first release and the company hopes to increase distribution for 2005 as well as spread the awareness of what we do and bring better attention to our art.




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Anonymous Release “Listen to the Sound”
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